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Our drone videography and photography services


Over 30 years of combined creative experience


Unique music content 


Beautiful videography and photography


Architectural expertise


Legal knowledge


CAA Approved

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Why choose Firesky?


Professional aerial video 

Do you need a drone pilot? Firesky will provide a drone operator for aerial filming and aerial photography services that is second to none.

Our professional aerial video producers make videos to help you stand out. Whether you are planning a wedding, party or event, or want aerial videography or photography for hotels, golf courses, historic landmarks, outdoor recreation or gardens, B&Bs, pubs or real estate, our advice to you is, ‘Go aerial, show more’. Because the fastest, most effective way to engage your customers is with an aerial video from us. We also offer inspection work and aerial surveys. Get in touch to find out more.

Firesky provides aerial videography and photography services for:

Film and Television

Corporate clients
Pubs and B&Bs
Sports facilities
Outdoor recreation
Real Estate
Historic landmarks
Marine filming




Engage your customers with a video from Firesky.

To look at the outstanding level of service we offer, see our Company Values, Service Level Agreements and Terms and Conditions. We have public liability insurance of £1m which can be extended to £10m where necessary; and we have permission from the CAA to operate commercially during the day and at night, which many operators do not. We offer exquisite ground-based filming and photography as part of the mix; as well as sound recording, for content which is tailored to your needs. Contact us and we’ll send you a quote free of charge.

Capture the spirit of the place you want to showcase—all as part of our package. No other drone operators or aerial videographers offer the kind of bespoke music service Firesky does.

Firesky Company Values


Firesky Company Values

Good Industry Practice

Affordable Services

Original content

Excellence above our competitors

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Service Level Agreement


Service Level Agreement

Firesky Ltd has obtained, shall keep up to date and comply with any necessary registrations, approvals, certifications and licences required by Applicable Law to supply and perform its Services, including (as appropriate) operator or remote pilot registration, remote pilot competency requirements, specific operational approval, light Unmanned Aircraft System or other operator certification, equipment type and airworthiness certification and/or pilot licensing.

Firesky Ltd provides its services under warranty, set out in clause 7 of our Terms and Conditions. 

Firesky Ltd shall supply the Deliverables to the Customer within 30 days of the final Flight, or on a date agreed and set out in our Services Agreement with you.

Our equipment, including our Drones, shall be fit for any purpose set out between Firesky  Ltd and the customer for your flight.

Firesky Ltd shall put in place and maintain such insurance as would ordinarily be taken out as Good Industry Practice for the duration of our Agreement.

Firesky Ltd shall remain fully responsible for the actions, inactions, and performance of all obligations performed by any subcontractors, as per our Terms and Conditions.

If Adverse Weather or a Faulty Drone prevents Firesky Ltd from carrying out a Flight on the date(s) specified in our Agreement with you, we will agree a new date when that Flight will be carried out at no extra cost to the Customer.

Any questions? Get in touch -

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